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Offering professional wrestling fans a ringside seat into his adventurous life, WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Jim Duggan recounts for the first time key moments and legendary bouts both inside and outside the ring. Known to millions of enthusiasts as a charismatic patriot—with an American flag in his right hand and his signature two-by-four in his left—Duggan here reflects on his early life as a student-athlete on the Southern Methodist University football squad. Drafted by the Atlanta Falcons, Duggan shares how an injury-plagued rookie season curtailed his football ambitions and paved the way for a brighter career in professional wrestling. Rising to fame in the Cold War–era 1980s, Duggan immediately put himself at odds with anti-American “heels” and engaged in legendary feuds with some of the most legendary names in the sport, including the Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff, and Andre the Giant. In this who’s who of top-tier wrestling, Duggan reveals not only the high points of championship bouts but also the low points that occurred far away from the TV cameras and screaming fans, including his fight against kidney cancer during the prime of his career. With each page peppered with Duggan’s charming wit, fans will find much to enjoy and discover about the man they once knew only as “Hacksaw.”

Legends of the WWE

Wrestling came a long way from being a small select crowd watching their local wrestler performing. This changed drastically in the late ‘70s and early “80s when the sport started to gain popularity and the crowds increased. What also made it a national and international hit are characters that gave the sport more entertainment value. Many considered the wrestling matches as being rigged and despite this the following grew.

To understand who was instrumental in the success of WWE, we need to look at the individuals that had crowd appeal and the ones that have been honoured in the Wall of Fame.

The list of legends includes:

HulkHoganHulk Hogan is wrestling’s favourite son. He might not have been the best athlete but he had charisma and crowd appeal that made him the face of WWE. You can go to any country in the world and people will know the Hulster. To this day crowds go crazy when he makes a guest appearance on Raw or Wrestlemania. His familiar droopy moustache made him recognisable and extremely popular. He is without any doubt the best of the best. The number of titles won by Hulk covers all the different matches.

The Heartbreak kid, Shaun Michaels has won 4 world title, 3 tag team title and 3 intercontinental titles during his wrestling career. In his starting days he was part of D-Generation X, a professional wrestling stable. Due to serious injuries sustained in 1998 he was away from the wrestling scene for four years. Ne is known among his following as Mr Wrestlemania and is frequently seen on television making appearances in the ring.

Steve Austin or stone cold Austin was one of the most popular entertainers in the ring during the “90s and became World champion on six occasions. In addition to winning the tag championship 4 times, the Intercontinental Championship twice, the Royal Rumble three times and in 1996 became the King of the Ring. He has appeared in some TV shows and movies.

Dwayne Douglas Johnson, The Rock, has made a successful career in both wrestling and as a movie star. His recent role in Fast and Furious Seven is testament of this. He played in several high profile movies over the past years. During his seven years in WWE he won the Intercontinental Championship twice, tag title five times, the Royal Rumble and nine World Titles.

Other legends include:

  • The Macho Man, Randy SavageTheRock
  • Bret Hart, The Hitman
  • Triple H, management of the company
  • Rowdy Roddy Piper
  • The Undertaker
  • Bruno Sammartino
  • Brock Lesner
  • Randy Orton
  • John Cena
  • Seth Rollins

The marketing strategy of WWE placed them in the forefront of wrestling entertainment. The company is now performing to huge crowds both nationally and internationally. The company has a radio station, TV shows of matches available in most countries around the globe. Their marketing strategy is geared to achieve the maximum exposure for the stars.

The recent launched WWE network is a pay channel and is extremely well supported by fans around the world.

Inside the Wrestling Ring

WrestlingTrampolineSpringsAre you a wrestling fan? Do you spend your Monday nights watching television, weekends watching the big wrestling matches on PPV? Have you ever noticed how bouncy the arena floor’s wrestling ring seems to be when someone gets body slammed? It is all thanks to trampolines that are built to give way (albeit slightly) when someone bounces on them and it is probably the greatest addition to any wrestling match ever. It adds safety to their extreme movements by eliminating a lot of the force behind their falls. It also enables them to make moves that they would never be able to do otherwise.

Why Do Wrestlers Love Trampolines?

Think about some of the moves that your most favorite WWE superstars do. Some may make you wonder how it is possible for them to stand up and walk away, especially when they are in the biggest Wrestlemania matches and everyone seems out for blood. It is mostly thanks to their techniques and knowing how to position themselves, but it is also due to the trampoline that hides under the wrestling ring. It lessens the impact that the wrestlers feel when they take hard hits and get thrown down onto the mat.

This, unfortunately, does not always prevent injury. Sometimes accidents do still happen. A trampoline can only do so much to protect others, but most of the time it is a safety feature that even the professionals make use of and are very thankful for.

Even some teens who enjoy playing at wrestling could benefit from using a trampoline over dropping others on the ground. The important part of this, if you want to do it, is that you choose the safest trampoline you can find rather than create a DIY wrestling ring that has less support or bounce.

On the other side of this, you have moves that may include the attacking wrestler bouncing around the ring or body slamming themselves by dropping onto the mat in order to pin their opponent. Do you think the wrestler would want to just free fall onto a solid surface? Not likely.

Why Trampolines Are The Best for Wrestlers?

There are a lot of wrestlers in the world of the WWE. They train. They work. They practice. Above all, they want to stay safe. Even these professional athletes are willing to keep their space safe. No one wants for any of their teammates to get hurt even if they are characters who hate each other.

The best backyard trampoline can make the best and safest place for you to play. It is great exercise and it can help you to learn how to fall in a way that will not cause you injury. You and friends can get together and practice some of the wrestling match moves that you may see on television each week and honestly, there have probably been several wrestling stars today who first practiced tackling their friends on the trampoline in their back yard. You can do the same. You just have to play it safe.

Fashion Trends in 2015 You Can’t Ignore

Summer Slip-ons

The perfect picture of comfy, everyone is looking for something that goes easy well at any place any time. Denim shoes are great stuff you can walk by the beach or around the park. If they get wet and muddy, no worries – wash them. Why don’t you try Vans Chambray? They are perfect for your denim jackets and jeans. And yes, they are great for pair of shorts. Do you need slip-ons inside and outside the house? Wear the leather double-bottom moccasin by Minnetonka. Toms are colorful pairs that will surely add to your fashionable taste. Want to try the French shoes? Try a pair of Riveras leisure shoes. Now these pair looks classy. Do you know Ami Alexandre Mattiussi tie driver? The touch of tan is good for casual and semi-formal occasions.

The Metal Toes

Otherwise known as the steel-toe booties, the metal toe are no longer solely for work shoes. The metallic accent of metal toes is now out in the market as trendy cap-toe shoes. The metallic feature on the tip of the shoes makes the pair of footwear adorable especially with high heels. Are you fond of flats? Check out the Merona Bella cap-toe glitzy flats.

Lace Sandals

Rock your world and pick the trendy high lace gladiator sandals. Choose from varying colors – metallic, leatherette, lace, cloth and the traditional pastel colors. No matter if you want to wear something casual or dress up for gatherings, a pair of lace up sandals does the trick.

Go for neutral colors and solid colors like beige, brown, black and white. These colors suit almost all clothing styles so you won’t have to buy another pair to fit your outfit. But then, depending on occasion, flashy laces are great pieces to spice.

If you love going out a lot, flat lace sandals fit to casual wears like shorts, dresses and plain shirts than high heels. If you love to wear dresses, get yourself a pair of lace up stilettos. If not, shorts and jeans are perfect foe espadrilles and wedges.


Flip-flops are considerably the hottest fashion these days. They come in various styles and are hot pieces even for viral celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Kenny Chesney. Havaianas, Reef, Crocs, Keen and Flojos are among the top-listed beach slippers up to date. Be sure to get the best pair that does not let your toes hang over the edges if you interested in starting a fashion blog. Such brands are premium quality. You won’t have to worry about foot blisters especially if you’re planning to have to walks.

Fashion Shoes

You must have seen varieties but what is the best pair for you? Adorn your body with the best fitting shoes. So, if you’re somewhat short. Don’t hesitate to wear 2 to 3 inches heeled shoes. Match it with vertical line and designs. Avoid horizontal styles whenever possible. How about if you have thick calves> Booties and sling back shoes would be good. Now, how about when wearing skirts? Pair flats with knee-length skirts. On the other hand A-line or pleated skirts are best with kitten heels. Wear boots or stiletto for mini-skirts. They actually make the legs look long.

5 Camping Items You Can’t Go Without

Packing up for a camping trip is a massive chore. You practically need to go ahead and pack up your entire house, most specifically your garage and kitchen. After all, you are preparing the live in the wilderness over the course of however many days. For most campers, this means preparing and cooking all of your meals. For those staying in hotels, this is rarely the case. Hotel trips usually consist of a lot of eating out and it’s easy to get by just packing a duffel bag. Not when you are camping though. You are going to be chopping wood, building fires, setting up tents and tarps, preparing your meals, etc. You have to be prepared. While there are a number of items that need to be on your packing list, for this post I am just going to focus on those must-have, can’t-live-without items that I would have been lost without on our last camping trip. If there is anything you accidentally leave behind, make sure it is not any of these items.

The first thing on your list should be an outdoor cooler of some sort, preferably a large one. I prefer a Yeti cooler because they are sure to keep your foods and beverages cold for days on end. While they aren’t cheap, they are super worth it and you can often find some yeti coolers on sale. Without a cooler, you are pretty much s*** out of luck. You are stuck with nothing to keep your food refrigerated and nothing to keep your beer cold. If you plan to do any hunting or fishing, obviously your catch will need to be kept on ice. If you forget this item, you might as well turn around and head back home for find a Walmart nearby where you can pick one up.

Another item that may seem silly to most but I never leave without is a box of sanitizing/baby wipes. And no, this just isn’t for the women and children. When you find yourself out in the middle of nowhere without toilet paper, you will be thankful for having some wipes on hand. When showers aren’t an option, your baby wipes will leave you feeling powdery fresh. When running water is nonexistent and you’ve had your hands all over chicken breasts that you’re preparing for dinner, you can clean off that salmonella with the help of your sanitizing wipes. Over and over again, you will reach for those wipes and be so thankful that these were on the top of your packing list.

While this may go without saying, a large skillet is essential for any camping trip. How else are you going to cook your food? Unless you have grills available for use at the campground, you will be eating beans straight from the can if you leave this item at home. A skillet is the perfect cooking utensil. Whether you are frying up some bacon and eggs in the morning, or sautéing some peppers and onions to douse on your hotdogs, no camp meal is complete without the use of a skillet. While any skillet is recommended, having an extra large skillet is even better so that you can be cooking multiple items simultaneously rather than only one part of your meal at a time.

You might think this only applies to the ladies, but you’d be surprised how many men find the whole idea of dry shampoo completely irresistible. Yes, dry shampoo. You can wash your hair without ever actually getting it wet. If you have that really fine hair that gets greasy in just a day, or that wild and crazy afro hair that is nearly impossible to control, get yourself a bottle of dry shampoo from your local salon or Walmart. Dry shampoo was my lifesaver while camping when we had no showers or way to wash our hair. Baby wipes are great for a quick wash of the body, but what about that hair of yours? Simply spray some dry shampoo in there, work it in there with your fingers, let it dry a little bit, and then brush it through. Poof! Your hair is like new. It’s a miracle.

Think you’re ready for your trip yet? There is just one thing you forgot. Bug spray. You NEED this item like you’ve never needed anything ever before. If you are in the wilderness, there will be mosquitoes. They are practically everywhere these days, and one thing that can quickly ruin your time is being eaten alive by these blood-sucking pests. Bring some sort of mosquito repellent, whether its actually a spray you put on your body, a citronella candle, some concoction you found on Pinterest, etc. Just make sure it works. And make sure it is packed away.


Best Methods for Muscle Rehabilitation

No one likes to be injured or recovering from an injury, but it is likely to happen to all of us at some point in life. Once on the road to recovery there are few steps that can be taken to speed up recovery. Using heat/cold pack, swimming in the pool and attending physical therapy can help to increase the rate of recovery. After playing football for many years I have used all of these techniques to help me get back on the field as soon as possible.

When first experiencing an injury, applying an ice pack as soon as possible is critical to the prevention of swelling spreading. Increased swelling will only prolong the injury and pain. The sooner you can reduce the swelling the sooner you will be back to full strength. Many professional athletes will make use of an ice bath as well to accommodate large areas that need to be iced. An ice bath can easily be made at home with the use of a bath tub and a few bags of ice. However, it will likely be more practical to use an ice pack or bag. After the swelling has been contained, you will want to apply a warm compress. This will help to loosen up the muscles after they have contracted due to injury. In the early stages of an injury, alternating between cold and warm compresses will help to facilitate a rapid recovery.  Only after the initial stages of recovery have been made will you want to begin applying a warm compress before sporting activities. For example prior to a football practice or a game, applying a warm compress will help to loosen up tense muscles.

Utilizing a pool to help recuperate from an injury is an excellent method of rehabilitation. A pool helps to displace the full body weight, thus making it much easier to walk, stretch, or just become mobile again. Although a traditional in ground pool may not be available to everyone, there are a few alternatives that may be more obtainable. For example an above ground pool, a small portable pool, or even the recent “endless pools,” can provide a feasible alternative. The cheapest and most common of these are above ground pools. An above ground pool can be an excellent addition to any home and of course an excellent resource for those recovering form an injury. As you can imagine pools come in all shapes and sizes, therefore reading through reviews to find the best above ground pool is definitely advisable. Nonetheless, a pool can be an excellent resource to utilize when recovering form an injury as well as providing and excellent low-impact physical fitness option.

The best option when recovering from an injury is of course visiting a licensed physical therapist. A physical therapist is a surefire way to receive the best and most efficient care for your particular injury. The downside to visiting a traditional physical therapist is the cost. A visit to the physical therapist can be quite costly; however certain insurance providers now include the cost of rehabilitation with coverage. Another downside to using a physical therapist is that in most cases it will be required to physically go to the office of the physical therapist.  When coming out of surgery or after escaping a cast, you may be provided with physical therapy at your location. For the simplicity of this article we have addressed less serious injuries which may be addressed by the individual himself; in which case, at home therapy is an alternative.

The road to recover y is road the no one ever wants to be on. However, being prepared for that inevitable road that everyone will eventually experience will help to lessen the frustration. If nothing else, remember to ice an injury as soon as possible. Once the injury has been stabilized, alternating between warm and cold compress will be the best and cheapest alternative for at home care. Only then will you want to seek these alternatives such as utilizing a pool or visiting a physically therapist for further recovery measures. Lastly, it is worth noting that the good offense against an injury is the best defense. In other words, by being prepared physically for whatever activity it is that you plan to compete in, will be the best way to prevent an injury from happening in the first place. These suggestions are merely our opinion and what we have used to pull out of an injury as fast as possible.