No one likes to be injured or recovering from an injury, but it is likely to happen to all of us at some point in life. Once on the road to recovery there are few steps that can be taken to speed up recovery. Using heat/cold pack, swimming in the pool and attending physical therapy can help to increase the rate of recovery. After playing football for many years I have used all of these techniques to help me get back on the field as soon as possible.

When first experiencing an injury, applying an ice pack as soon as possible is critical to the prevention of swelling spreading. Increased swelling will only prolong the injury and pain. The sooner you can reduce the swelling the sooner you will be back to full strength. Many professional athletes will make use of an ice bath as well to accommodate large areas that need to be iced. An ice bath can easily be made at home with the use of a bath tub and a few bags of ice. However, it will likely be more practical to use an ice pack or bag. After the swelling has been contained, you will want to apply a warm compress. This will help to loosen up the muscles after they have contracted due to injury. In the early stages of an injury, alternating between cold and warm compresses will help to facilitate a rapid recovery.  Only after the initial stages of recovery have been made will you want to begin applying a warm compress before sporting activities. For example prior to a football practice or a game, applying a warm compress will help to loosen up tense muscles.

Utilizing a pool to help recuperate from an injury is an excellent method of rehabilitation. A pool helps to displace the full body weight, thus making it much easier to walk, stretch, or just become mobile again. Although a traditional in ground pool may not be available to everyone, there are a few alternatives that may be more obtainable. For example an above ground pool, a small portable pool, or even the recent “endless pools,” can provide a feasible alternative. The cheapest and most common of these are above ground pools. An above ground pool can be an excellent addition to any home and of course an excellent resource for those recovering form an injury. As you can imagine pools come in all shapes and sizes, therefore reading through reviews to find the best above ground pool is definitely advisable. Nonetheless, a pool can be an excellent resource to utilize when recovering form an injury as well as providing and excellent low-impact physical fitness option.

The best option when recovering from an injury is of course visiting a licensed physical therapist. A physical therapist is a surefire way to receive the best and most efficient care for your particular injury. The downside to visiting a traditional physical therapist is the cost. A visit to the physical therapist can be quite costly; however certain insurance providers now include the cost of rehabilitation with coverage. Another downside to using a physical therapist is that in most cases it will be required to physically go to the office of the physical therapist.  When coming out of surgery or after escaping a cast, you may be provided with physical therapy at your location. For the simplicity of this article we have addressed less serious injuries which may be addressed by the individual himself; in which case, at home therapy is an alternative.

The road to recover y is road the no one ever wants to be on. However, being prepared for that inevitable road that everyone will eventually experience will help to lessen the frustration. If nothing else, remember to ice an injury as soon as possible. Once the injury has been stabilized, alternating between warm and cold compress will be the best and cheapest alternative for at home care. Only then will you want to seek these alternatives such as utilizing a pool or visiting a physically therapist for further recovery measures. Lastly, it is worth noting that the good offense against an injury is the best defense. In other words, by being prepared physically for whatever activity it is that you plan to compete in, will be the best way to prevent an injury from happening in the first place. These suggestions are merely our opinion and what we have used to pull out of an injury as fast as possible.