Summer Slip-ons

The perfect picture of comfy, everyone is looking for something that goes easy well at any place any time. Denim shoes are great stuff you can walk by the beach or around the park. If they get wet and muddy, no worries – wash them. Why don’t you try Vans Chambray? They are perfect for your denim jackets and jeans. And yes, they are great for pair of shorts. Do you need slip-ons inside and outside the house? Wear the leather double-bottom moccasin by Minnetonka. Toms are colorful pairs that will surely add to your fashionable taste. Want to try the French shoes? Try a pair of Riveras leisure shoes. Now these pair looks classy. Do you know Ami Alexandre Mattiussi tie driver? The touch of tan is good for casual and semi-formal occasions.

The Metal Toes

Otherwise known as the steel-toe booties, the metal toe are no longer solely for work shoes. The metallic accent of metal toes is now out in the market as trendy cap-toe shoes. The metallic feature on the tip of the shoes makes the pair of footwear adorable especially with high heels. Are you fond of flats? Check out the Merona Bella cap-toe glitzy flats.

Lace Sandals

Rock your world and pick the trendy high lace gladiator sandals. Choose from varying colors – metallic, leatherette, lace, cloth and the traditional pastel colors. No matter if you want to wear something casual or dress up for gatherings, a pair of lace up sandals does the trick.

Go for neutral colors and solid colors like beige, brown, black and white. These colors suit almost all clothing styles so you won’t have to buy another pair to fit your outfit. But then, depending on occasion, flashy laces are great pieces to spice.

If you love going out a lot, flat lace sandals fit to casual wears like shorts, dresses and plain shirts than high heels. If you love to wear dresses, get yourself a pair of lace up stilettos. If not, shorts and jeans are perfect foe espadrilles and wedges.


Flip-flops are considerably the hottest fashion these days. They come in various styles and are hot pieces even for viral celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Kenny Chesney. Havaianas, Reef, Crocs, Keen and Flojos are among the top-listed beach slippers up to date. Be sure to get the best pair that does not let your toes hang over the edges if you interested in starting a fashion blog. Such brands are premium quality. You won’t have to worry about foot blisters especially if you’re planning to have to walks.

Fashion Shoes

You must have seen varieties but what is the best pair for you? Adorn your body with the best fitting shoes. So, if you’re somewhat short. Don’t hesitate to wear 2 to 3 inches heeled shoes. Match it with vertical line and designs. Avoid horizontal styles whenever possible. How about if you have thick calves> Booties and sling back shoes would be good. Now, how about when wearing skirts? Pair flats with knee-length skirts. On the other hand A-line or pleated skirts are best with kitten heels. Wear boots or stiletto for mini-skirts. They actually make the legs look long.